Wholesale Beauty products for sale online. Beauty accessories are important tools when it comes to achieving perfect make-up results. Not only do they make makeup application quick and easy, they also ensure an even distribution of products and a flawless finish. Whether you are a beginner or a beauty professional, good make-up brushes make work easier. There are many different types of makeup brushes and other makeup application tools. It is therefore important to know which ones are suitable for what.
The different types of makeup brushes


Foundation brush: The foundation serves as the basis for further make-up. Applying a liquid foundation without the right brush is not easy. A good foundation brush has straight, flexible bristles that are used to apply foundation to the face. It is important to work the product into the skin to avoid harsh lines or streaks. This works best when the foundation is applied to the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and then spread over the face with the foundation brush.
A stippling brush or stippling brush creates a flawless surface. It can be used to apply foundation, blush, bronzer and highlights. The stippling brush is suitable for powders but is most effective when applying liquid and creamy products. The top of the brush features duo-fiber bristles for an easy, gentle application that looks very natural. A stippling brush has a striking appearance and has fibers of two different lengths. The majority of the brush is full-fibre and densely interspersed with longer fibers. Stippling brushes are great for applying different levels of makeup.
After applying the foundation, all bumps are covered with a concealer and dull areas on the face are lightened. A small concealer brush is useful for the most precise application of the concealer. It essentially looks like a small version of a foundation brush. Using the concealer brush, dab a small amount of the concealer onto the desired area until it blends into the foundation.
Powder brushes are generally thick and versatile. The powder makeup brush is an essential tool that should not be missing from any makeup arsenal. Pressed or loose powder is applied with powder brushes in circles or sweeping strokes until an even coverage is achieved. It’s also good for adding color when a more natural, less pigmented result is desired.

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