Lipstick – the effective beauty helper for every occasion

For many women, lip care is the only and most important make-up of the day. Well-groomed lips not only feel pleasant, but are an attractive eye-catcher on every face. Dramatic red, cheeky pink, subtle nude or delicate rosé? Some women have had their declared favorite shade for years. Others are more adventurous and like to try out new color nuances and exciting textures over and over again. It’s worth it. Extravagant, playful or classic looks come about by themselves with the right lip color. A great variety of lipsticks, lipliners, lip balms and lip glosses make lip make-up pleasingly easy and very effective these days. The right lipstick conjures up radiance and happiness in tired morning faces in no time. An interesting lip color can brighten up new facets on every woman’s face in no time at all. The classic business lady becomes the seductive femme fatale in the evening. Sporty women conjure up more glamor and playful lightness on their faces with lip gloss.

Lip color – the make-up secret for generations

Lips have always been the center of attention, and rightly so. When speaking, the gaze automatically falls on beautiful, well-groomed lips. Even Nefertiti, high-ranking ladies in ancient Japan and Queen Elizabeth I preferred to dye their lips red and shaped the beauty ideals of their time even then. The individually different mixtures of wax, honey and color pigments had a nurturing character then as now. In 1883, an expensive, glittering pencil made from colored castor oil, deer tallow, and beeswax caused quite a stir at the Amsterdam World’s Fair. The famous actress Sarah Bernhardt made lip cosmetics socially acceptable again in modern times, when she drew everyone’s attention with cherry-red lips and quickly found many imitators. Guerlain finally launched lip color in a metal case in 1910. In 1948 the clever sliding mechanism as we know it today was created. Revlon was the first cosmetics manufacturer to perfectly match nail polish and lip color. The American Hazel Bishop invented the recipe for kiss-proof lip color based on lanolin, which is still used in today’s high-tech lip cosmetics. For those interested in cosmetics, the Lipstick Museum in Berlin offers exciting insights into the fascinating history of the caring beauty product with a decorative character.

What makes good lip make-up?

Long durability, perfect care and attractive color nuances that match the type and occasion are most important to most women. Nourishing and protective lip balm, which gently emphasizes the individual lip color, immediately conjures up a touch of freshness in the face. Good lip care not only effectively protects against rough and chapped lips in the cold season. Moisture, a sun protection factor appropriate to the weather and intensive care are important for the beauty of delicate and sensitive lip skin. With glossy lip gloss, lips gain drama and sensual radiance in the evening. Women who like to experiment will find an impressive range of color nuances and textures that effectively underline their personality depending on the occasion, mood and season. Subtle nude tones for the classic appearance in the office or eye-catching orange for happy summer parties. With lip liner, every woman’s lips get the perfect shape: subtle or lush, harmonious and always a bit sexy. Natural or dramatic lip liner pencils effortlessly conjure up seductive lips and provide the lip skin with valuable ingredients. Whether classic or extravagant: Beautiful lips make an impression. Brush, pen or powder conjure up seductive lips that make every woman more beautiful and attractive.

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