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Wholesale beauty Complexion for sale online. Egyptian Queen Nefertiti lived in the 14th century BC – and her name means “The beautiful one has come”. She was not a beauty queen, but a queen of beauty. Even in her day, applying makeup to the face with foundation, powder and contouring products was common practice. Falling in without being noticed – that required flawless skin.

In the Middle Ages, the trend changed – only pale skin was considered beautiful. In the absence of blush, young women often pinched their cheeks violently, because blushing was considered attractive. In order to achieve an elegant pallor, the faces were creamed with various bleaching agents up to the end of the 19th century – ugly and painful abscesses were often the result. With the entry of the film divas into history, the preferred look also changed faster, contouring products or primers and cosmetic studios became socially acceptable. Despite all the variations in make-up techniques, one thing always remains the same: the magic of a flawless complexion.
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