Optimum hygiene in everyday life

Articles from the hygiene sector ensure a safe feeling and reliable protection. Various aids from the health sector have been in regular use in cosmetics for a long time. Disposable gloves, but also cleaning agents and masks are known from cosmetic and nail studios. They help to reduce sources of infection and are standard when dealing with many different customers. For private users there are accessories of the same high quality. For the handbag and on the go or for use at home, the sanitizers help eliminate most of the common bacteria and viruses. Even without soap and water, hands and often surfaces can be cleaned well with it.

Protection for yourself and others

The mouth and nose mask is essential as part of the nationwide hygiene measures to protect against infection. Especially in everyday life, the makeshift masks made of textile are an alternative. They are easy to clean and can therefore be used several times. Additional rubber gloves are another option for shopping, on public transport, in the open plan office or other places. They are easy to dispose of after use. Many handles, surfaces and other objects in public spaces can be easily disinfected with individually wrapped wipes. Many disinfectants are also suitable for frequently used personal items such as mobile phones, keyboards and the like. A high alcohol content of at least 70 percent is crucial. Regular use and a sufficient amount are important to achieve the specified effect.

Safe and yet gentle on the skin

In addition to disinfection, skin care is another selection criterion for hand gel. Due to the composition with alcohol, sensitive skin can dry out quickly. A nourishing gel can thus cleanse and soothe the skin. Many valuable additives such as soothing aloe vera and moisturizing ingredients leave a pleasant and clean feeling. Good tolerability and a mild formula do not stand in the way of a reliable elimination of germs. A hand cream can be combined as required. Many manufacturers also have creams with an antibacterial effect in their range. Liquid sprays, gels and creams are available for the Sanitizer. Hygiene in everyday life thus achieves a high level of user comfort and is efficient at the same time. Suitable accessories can be found for every age group, which take individual skin types into account.

Simple hygiene measures

Many simple measures to reduce the risk of infection have returned to awareness. For many who themselves have a weakened immune system or are in contact with people who work with children, pets or a lot of walk-in customers, the practical hygiene accessories have already been an integral part of everyday life. Most of the hygiene measures are very simple and easy to implement. Together with other products such as cleaning agents and mouth and nose masks, they ensure an environment with more safety and cleanliness at all times. Practical hand gels for on the go are intended as a supplement to thorough hand washing with soap and water. It is important that all areas up to the fingertips and the spaces between the fingers are reached. Distributing and rubbing in the soap takes a good 20 to 30 seconds. They are rinsed off under running water. A paper towel should be used to turn off someone else’s faucets. The disposable towels are also ideal for drying off. In a household with several people, everyone should use their own hand towel.

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