A voucher – a good choice

Especially when you don’t have time to think about something suitable, are overwhelmed by the selection, or just don’t know what to give as a gift, people like to use a voucher. But it doesn’t always have to be out of embarrassment: if you know that your friend, partner or acquaintance loves or even collects perfumes or cosmetics, but is not very familiar with the subject yourself, you might even be well advised to give away an easyCOSMETIC voucher.

In this way, the recipient can choose from the wide range of perfumes and cosmetics exactly what is missing in the collection. Or maybe there’s a skin care line that he or she has been wanting to try for a long time but hasn’t indulged in yet.

Also a good extra

A voucher also makes a good impression in a gift basket. A neatly packaged voucher is a pleasure – there are no limits to creativity. Assuming that is desired or wanted at all. Of course, the cards with their elegant envelopes are also suitable for simpler handovers – or more discreet ones. Whether for a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or another happy occasion, a voucher can always be packaged appropriately. easyCOSMETIC vouchers are of course available in different sizes between 10 and 100 euros – so you can find an adequate present for the respective recipient.

And after the handover?

Once the gift has been handed over, the recipient can easily redeem the voucher in the online shop and use it to pay for the order of their choice. No matter whether it is a noble fragrance or high-quality body care, whether designer nail polish or a special make-up, the voucher can of course be used for everything.

Simply put the desired product or products in the shopping cart and click on the redeem button when you go to the checkout! We wish you a lot of joy!

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