Combs, brushes & hair ties

Combs, brushes, hair ties are more than just useful tools

Already in prehistoric times people groomed and decorated their hair with combs. Also in ancient Rome, ancient Egypt and later in the Baroque: Combs have always been a popular accessory and were not only used to detangle and clean the hair, but also to pin it up. Her depiction even found its way into the works of famous painters such as Edgar Degas.

If today more emphasis is placed on practical use, they used to be decorated with carvings and consisted of valuable materials such as ivory. Next to hairbrushes, they are probably one of the most popular means of shaping hair. Especially in the 1950s, the comb could not be missing in any bag, after all, the popular quiff had to fit.

Even in the 21st century, women and men often find a small brush in their luggage for on the go. When the day is long or the weather is anything but dry and windless, they remove unwanted knots and freshen up the hairstyle.

However, combing your hair can quickly become uncomfortable. Wet hair is particularly sensitive and can break easily. It is therefore important to use combs and brushes that are gentle on the hair.
Brushes condition and style the hair

The Tangle Teezer, which was specially developed to detangle even wet hair gently, efficiently and, above all, painlessly, is helpful here. The secret lies in the particularly short and flexible bristles. In the meantime, the British brand has launched special editions and brushes for styling hair in addition to its classic hairbrush.

The Italian brand Acca Kappa also offers a wide selection of brushes that are not only tailored to the desired styling, but even to the length of the hair. With the help of the round brush, more volume can be conjured up in both longer and shorter hair. On the other hand, if you value a smooth hairstyle, use the paddle brush. If, on the other hand, you want more movement in your hair, you can use a skeleton brush to blow-dry the ends of your hair outwards.

But brushes are by no means only used to care for and style the hair. They are also a treat for the scalp. Brushing your hair is like a little massage and stimulates blood circulation.

A popular hair accessory

Most women with longer hair always have a hair tie to hand, after all, with the help of this little styling aid, practical yet stylish hairstyles can be conjured up in no time at all. As with combs and brushes, the selection here is huge. Whether colorful and covered with fabric or transparent and inconspicuous, the market offers the right hair accessory for every taste and occasion.

However, the disadvantage of hair ties is often that they leave unsightly marks in the hair or even damage it. Anyone struggling with this problem should take a look at gentle hair ties like those from Invisibobble. The Munich-based company offers hair ties in various sizes and shapes, depending on the condition of the hair. What makes them so special: They keep the hairstyle in shape, but protect the hair and prevent damage. The small accessories can do much more than just ponytails and buns: They are also ideal for sophisticated updos or braided hairstyles.

So it turns out that good hairbrushes and combs are more than just a means of grooming. They accompany us in everyday life, support us with styling and keep our hair healthy. Whether you choose a simple comb, a hairbrush with natural bristles or a hair comb with pretty details is entirely up to personal preference.

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