Wholesale Make-up accessories for sale online

Wholesale Make-up accessories for sale online. Make-up accessories – from powder puffs to modern applicators and sponges

Since ancient times, not only women have spent a lot of time precisely applying decorative make-up. One of the oldest accessories for applying loose powder and powdered blush is the powder puff. As late as the 18th century, it was made from soft downy swan feathers. In the 19th century, noble ladies used hare’s leg, which was said to have both practical and magical properties, for face make-up. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the make-up brushes we know today found their place on the cosmetic tables. Since then, the range of useful make-up tools has been expanding and is no longer limited to powder brushes.

Brushes, eyelash curlers, applicators & Co. – the range of make-up accessories

Pinsel: Ob einzeln oder im hochwertigen Set, sie sind neben den Fingerspitzen das Herzstück des Toolsets zum Auftragen von Make-up, Rouge oder Lippenstift. Sie werden in Ausführungen aus Naturhaar oder synthetischen Fasern angeboten. Besonders praktisch sind Kombinationen mit Applikatoren zum Auftragen des Lidschattens. Zum Pudern werden für verschiedene Kosmetika Tools in unterschiedlichen Größen und Formen angeboten. Klassische Exemplare sind in der Regel rund, breit und verhältnismäßig groß. Sie werden auch als Brushes bezeichnet. Kompaktpuder lässt sich vor allem mit einem Naturhaarpinsel optimal auf dem Gesicht verteilen.

Blush brushes are slightly smaller and have a round or angled tip. Flat makeup brushes made of synthetic hair are the best choice when it comes to applying foundation because they hardly absorb the liquid. Special tools are also available for the lips. They are very soft and pointed to allow precise application of lipstick or lip gloss.

The eyebrow brush looks very inconspicuous from the outside, but can significantly change the appearance of a face. If the eyebrows are not plucked, treatment with the small brush will give them momentum and contours.

Sponges are ideal helpers when it comes to foundation, certain types of rouge or eye shadow. The brightly colored, ergonomically shaped sponges, which adapt perfectly to the contours of the face, are of particularly high quality. Two different shapes are on offer: Sponges with a rounded tip and those with a so-called precision tip. They are latex-free, particularly soft, fine-pored and very durable compared to conventional sponges.

The eyelash curler, which is ideally made of metal, is an absolute classic among make-up accessories. A quality example is able to noticeably reduce the consumption of mascara and at times even replace it. If the eyelashes are rubbed with a little olive oil during the night, they will have a lot of elasticity the following morning and will be given an impressive curl by shaping them with the eyelash curler. This way the mascara spreads much easier and gets to the tips without clumping.

Applicators are shaped like small powder brushes. Instead of the fine hairs, however, they have a small foam sponge. They are ideal for applying eye shadow or lip gloss. Applicators are also available for the eyebrows. With the flexible sponge tip, color gradients and borders can be designed particularly easily.

Useful tips for using make-up accessories

Using the eyebrow brush is the final step in the eye makeup routine so she brushes out powder and eyeshadow.
Brushes must be washed out occasionally with mild soapy water to prevent the formation of grease and bacteria.
Sponges should be replaced regularly, so buying a multi-part set is worthwhile.
The eyelash curler may only be used on bare eyelashes.

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